4 Games for the Price of 1

That’s right! We packed more fun into Mix’Em than you can possibly imagine.

Our goal with Mix’Em was to combine a fun and interactive gaming experience for kids that had engaging educational content. We have a deep appreciation for childhood development and felt an obligation to create a mobile application that fosters learning.

is a tribute to the days of mix and match style flip books. Experience tons of family fun as you flip and slide your way down memory lane. Mix up the illustrated characters and create your own unique and often silly combinations. Unlike the original flip books, players can listen to sounds associated with each of the characters, and change their backgrounds.

provides children with a fun and interactive way to learn how to spell and identify words associated with characters from the game. Read along with the application or turn off the voiceovers and images to challenge your child when he or she advances.

is an image-association / problem-solving game that requires children to connect characters with their respective icons. This aids in the development of a child’s classification skills. The game is a simple concept for children to grasp, but challenging enough for adults when combined with reduced time limits.

is a classic memory game that will entertain and stimulate children and adults alike with a wide variety of illustrated icons. While Match’Em is primarily aimed at helping young children identify familiar people and objects, adults will love the memory retention building aspect of the game.